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tv   Countdown  Bloomberg  November 24, 2014 2:00am-3:01am EST

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>> asia stocks feel the force of with a interest rate cut three-year high. >> coca-cola says the handling of corruption allegations was disappointing. >> shifting the deadline. u.s. secretary of state john kerry could be looking for extra run for negotiations with a on the nuclear program. >> britain's second-largest insurer is in talks to buy friends livfe. >> hello, welcome to "countdow "
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." the u.k. independent party takes a second seat at westminster. immigration is more relevant than ever. we will be joined by someone who knows a thing or two about organizing foreign talent. stick around for the exclusive interview later. >> we are getting breaking news. insuranceocus on the sector. caroline hyde joins us to take a closer look. saying they have reached an agreement on key terms for a possible all share combination. they are extending the share buyback program. they having knowledge the are reaching an agreement -- they are reaching an agreement. there is still due diligence. this would be the biggest deal
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in the u.k. insurance industry and 50 years. -- in 50 years. it was a difficult combination. you have a lot of back-office negotiations. the aim was to create a powerhouse if you combined the number two player with friends life. they would have a quarter of the population that would be their customers. it would be about improving asset management. we have a wholesale change. it was a generational shift. the u.k. chancellor of the exchequer agreed to change the rules of the game when it came to getting our pensions. usually what we came up for whenement you would be -- we came up with retirement you would be incentivize. money. your
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>> and have plans to buy a boat. >> cash in, and that's it. it means the lucrative strands have basically fallen off a cliff. you see friends life seeing a 24% drop in the value of new business. remember, this is a company that has been scaling back and trying to cut costs. is that beefing up asset management? it is all about a new multi-asset strategy. if they buy friends life you get a lot more cash. therefore, you can help pay down some of the debt from of eva -- aviva but also to have more money. the dealne was saying happen. they are in talks. >> they have reached agreement
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on the key terms, but that was the exact wording we got from the businesses. >> we understand this can be 5.6 billion pounds. it is a 15% premium. look at how friends life shares trade this morning. the american repository receipts .re a repository for aviva shares are likely to fall. what is remarkable is the change that has happened since mark wilson took over. he took over because he was predecessor -- there was a shareholder rejection of the compensation. shareholdersving a whaty to be supportive of he is doing. he has been able to exit certain businesses, particularly in the united states, and many felt we
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were overexposed in the u.k. it seems to be about asset management. when you have got shareholders who also happen to be big shareholders and friends life. they are probably going to want a 15% premium. they are probably going to like the talk of synergy, the talk of cost cuts. this is a company that can support 60 million customers. >> and he will be happy with the premium. >> he is an insurance dealmaker. friends it was called resolution before. phenomenal growth story. they did have a dip. the shares had a torrid time when george osborne imposed rules.
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>> thanks, caroline. we are in the final hours for negotiation between world leaders who aim to strike a deal with a ran on the nuclear program. iran on then -- nuclear program. >> elliott gotkine is tracking developments. let's get to ryan first. talks?re we on the >> the stocks went right into the night. we had the secretary of state and the united states meeting with his iranian counterpart, talking about an extension. we had a meeting with president obama where he talked up the value of the interim deal, which has been in place for a year, saying even if we don't get a deal, the interim deal has helped in some cases roll back weaponsiran's nuclear
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program. , theydo get an extension have extended these stocks before. all the parties are engaged on using this morning to try to get using a over the line, rugby analogy, to try to get some sort of deal in place, and that would be what they should accomplish or they could get a less ambitious deal. there is concern if they don't do this now it could be very oppositionith the back home to get one later. >> iran is pressing saudi arabia to back it, a bid to cut production. >> the saudi oil minister and the iranian oil minister are said to -- set to meet ahead of the meeting according to the
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iranian news agency. the iranians are going to ask for a cut in the production quota. it is now 30 million barrels. they want a one million barrel reduction, bringing it down to 29 million barrels. these countries could not be more at odds. they vie for leadership in the gulf. they are on other side of the shia-sunni divide, and they lead rival factions. going to be a deal, they would have to agree, but the saudis will say to the iranians, that's great. how much are you willing to cut? it's the saudi's who have spare capacity. the irradiance have seen their production fall by 25% because of the sanctions. it would be surprising if they were willing to take on too much pain.
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look at the price. it has been climbing. it is above $80. some of that is because of the unexpected rate cut in china. that should be good for demand. imports 60% of crude. you have a lot of people talking up the price of oil, including irani and. we have to wait and see, but it's going to be a big meeting. not only do the iranians need to get the saudi's to agree. non-opecto get countries to agree. you have the russians as well. it should be interesting. we haven't seen a big bargain, a grand deal like they are trying to reach in years. it would be interesting if they are trying to accomplish anything. >> it would be interesting to see the russians role in all of this.
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guest in a few minutes time, the former british ambassador to iran. let's get reaction from the middle east. a nuclear agreement would have implications for all the countries in the middle east. not all of them want to see a deal. elliott gotkine is live in tel aviv. >> it's not so much that like israel and saudi arabia don't want to see any deal done. they just don't want to see the deal that the countries have been inching towards in vienna. prime minister netanyahu has said no deal is better than a bad deal. yesterday saying that iran cannot be allowed to maintain a position as a threshold nuclear state. that said, there does seem to be some stumbling blocks to reaching this agreement before the deadline or at any point. they seem to revolve around how much fissile material, how much
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highly enriched uranium iran can keep. it can be used for a nuclear bomb, but iran maintains it is for peaceful purposes. also sanctions would be unwound if an agreement was made. those seem to be the main stumbling blocks right now and two very good reasons why we are unlikely to see a deal before this deadline. >> if stumbling blocks do cause a stumble, what happens if no deal is reached? >> as ryan was saying, it looks likely these talks could be extended. they could be extended several months. no huge shocks there. the main issues is selling the deal back to their constituencies. that means getting it passed -- can the supreme leader, who
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block any deal, and president it passedeans getting a hostile congress. from the president's perspective, getting it passed congress would be the least of his problems. >> i am confident if we reach a deal that is verifiable and iranrs iran -- insurers does not have capacity, not only can we persuade congress but the american people it is the right thing to do. >> if they never reach an agreement, that poses various other problems. what happens then? one imagines a rod would go back to being an international pariah, that it would go back -- would go back to being an international pariah. a lot of things have to happen before that were to take place, but given the situation in the middle east right now, one would
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imagine that's the last ring it needs. -- the last thing you it needs. join us on twitter. tell us what you think about this week's big events. iranalks between a ron -- and the u.s. continues. ten-year clock is ticking in vienna. what can the u.s. and its allies do to reach an agreement with iran on its nuclear program? next with the former u.k. ambassador to iran, richard dalton.
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>> hello, welcome to "countdow " ." >> the time is 16 minutes past seven. >> the deadline for a nuclear agreement between a ron -- iran and the west is approaching. joining me is richard dalton. good morning to you. a simple question first. orl the deadline be extended
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not? >> it's looking like the deadline will be extended. there are two options. either a framework agreement that deals with the main outstanding questions and a of negotiation to put details in place and make sure it can be implemented or a simple rollover of further talks. they might in that rollover today someunce limited agreements to give confidence in iran and the united states and elsewhere a final agreement is possible. >> that is short-term. where does that take us on long-term relationships between the west and iran? what goes further to explaining this environment? is it the fact the u.s. and iran have quite a bit in common? what has been the most influential and getting them to
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this point? >> we have been trying to negotiate controls on the nuclear program since 2003. the important factor is the approach as it was adopted has failed. the recommendation there is no military, no economic sanctions solution to this problem. it has to be negotiated. practical steps to put the negotiation in place began as early as spring, 2013. we are seeing today a culmination of more intense engagements on how to achieve --s common and both in ira and thend both in iran leaving ates, while with itsaving iran
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nuclear power in tact. >> if negotiations are extended, how will various parts of the react?d iran someone harsher sanctions. wantan politician -- some harsher sanctions. iranian politicians don't want to negotiate further. how are the outliers going to react? >> in the short-term, failure to reach an agreement will lead to much choppy or water for diplomats to navigate in trying theeach that objective in time they give themselves. that's because opposition from israel, opposition from republicans in the united states and although there is greater control over the activities of the opposition, there is an opposition, which points to danger as they see it .f iran
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we are not going to see any immediate blowback and the effects of the gulf war syria. the issue is being kept separate. these difficult questions kindle may be solved with iranian can only ben -- solved with iranian participation in the long-term. it is the sheer danger of not having an agreement that is driving things, because everybody would end up worse, including the situation of israel would end up worse if there is no verified winding down of aspect of the iranian program. >> what is your assessment of the iranian program at this time? what is the fear of the west of the capability that they could get their hands on it? >> there is no evidence whatsoever iran is conducting
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research into nuclear weapons. they have no nuclear weapons program at present. the question is might they capabilityuture the which is used for civil purposes for military purposes? i have to say something elliott said was misleading. he talked about concern to reduce iranian holdings of highly enriched uranium and plutonium. they have the facilities 100% safeguarded by the atomic energy agency. the potential reactor which might be used to generate is not yet complete. it is not yet operating. and the facilities to generate , which thed uranium
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aim is to limit, there is no evidence whatsoever of highly having beennium generated. >> thanks for coming today. for a good to see you. the former ambassador to iran. -- very good to see you. >> unexpected was the chinese interest cut. we will be back to round up the reaction after the break. ♪
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>> traders in asia saw green on the first full day of trading in the region since china's unexpected rate cut last friday. monitoring the market. who are the biggest winners? >> quite a bit of movers and winners here today. you mentioned that move happened friday afternoon after markets in china. let's go to the shanghai composite and the hang seng up close to 2%. at 70%anghai trading above average. up 3.8%, rallying the
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most in a year. property is seeing quite a bit 3.81%. we are going to see a lot of movement in terms of materials as well as financials today. let's go to australia to see those miners benefiting. fortis q metals up 10% -- fortis metals is up. property seeing gains, all seeing green here in china and hong kong. this is reaction to that news that they cut the interest rate for the first time in two years. cutting that as well as the down.tory rate
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>> thank you for joining us from hong kong. talkinge going to be about wealth with someone who knows about utilizing foreign talent. stick around for the exclusive interview.
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>> welcome back. let's take a look at your fx check. the euro-dollar close to a two-year low. that is ahead of the german business confidence report. euro is headed for its fifth monthly loss. the big one was on friday. mario draghi, the uc be resident, said officials -- the b president, said it is down.
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at euro down by 4/10 of 1% 124. >> these are the top headlines. the u.s. says iran could extend the deadline in a deal for talks program.anian nuclear john kerry and his iranian hunter part have been talking about whether to push back talks. both sides say there are significant gaps in the agenda for reaching an agreement to standoff.e the european commission president jean-claude juncker is to announce of fund to share the risk of new projects with new investments. that would include funds, lending guarantees. tunisians have been voting in
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landmark elections four years after the arab spring uprising. the interim president was among those casting a vote. 5 million tunisians registered to take part in the election. the secular coalition is claiming a lead in the polls. the results should be known by the end of tuesday. >> have you ever heard of the paleo diet? it means eating like a caveman. it might not sound like the perfect recipe for fine dining, but a new restaurant is looking to change that with a menu prehistoric man might have recognized. we find out more. >> the paleo diet isn't about historical reenactment. it's about taking sensible principles of eating and saying, this makes sense. i started out doing a pop-up restaurant, and now we have
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opened london's first paleo restaurant. the point of the paleo diet is to go back to real food. vegetables, meat, eating all the parts of the animal. the thing about my country i found out about the country i found most fascinating is the stuff to do with how the body works and how food works. i finished my nutrition diploma. there was a part of me that felt something was missing. the campaign to get an extra 30 gram. we really wanted to be inside of zone one. -- an extra 30 grand. between the difference getting end zone one. we had some angel investors and investments from friends and family.
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we wanted are unique, to be accessible. kickstarter attracted more investors. we have still got a list of people willing to invest when we want to expand. >> christmas dinner is probably one of the most easy meals to make paleo because you have got a big chunk of meat, pure -- and substitute stuffing. cook it in duck fat. quite easy.ns are they are fruit raised. you replace flour with ground almonds. you can even make a leo ice cream bypaleo ice sweetening with maple syrup.
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they eat ice cream back then? >> apparently there are ways of faking icee cream -- cream. a new malware is discovered, spy on to be used to other countries. here is caroline hyde. it has been used for quite a while. it's not new. >> it has been used since 2008. in is a malicious software, so it infects systems. detected by symantec. put out a statement. since 2008 infections have been across a variety of organizations. they seem to be withdrawn. back in 2013 and
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created an unidentified country to spy on 10 other countries so far. >> which are the countries? arabia. russia, saudi they are the most targeted. more than half seems to be in those countries. mexico. ireland comes up pretty high. belgium, austria, and pakistan. is beingese countries targeted? it is largely individuals and small businesses. big amount is targeted at telekom. providerssing telecom to access the data of small businesses and individuals again. a quarter is targeted at
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hospitality, at the energy sectors. what symantec is trying to say is this is very difficult to ascertain what they are doing. they seem to be capturing screenshots. they are able to steal passwords. they are able to recover deleted files. you and i seem to have intricate to go to a fake website. they will do a version. at one point yahoo! instant messenger was used. they have very clever ways of hiding their tracks. >> why do they think it is created by a nationstate? >> it is the complexity and amount of resources behind this for such an amount of time. they say it has got to be a nationstate behind this espionage tool. it has anti-forensic capabilities. that hampers investigations. it is incredibly inconspicuous. it's incredibly hard to find where on earth this actual
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software has been used because it has been custom-built to encrypt virtual filesystems, so this is the level of capacity going on. they say it is structured with a degree of technical competence rarely seen. they are basically spying on us. they are able to leave hardly a trace behind and have gone through great lengths to cover up their tracks. get back to the pointing of fingers game. already people are assuming if you're going to have that capacity is is going to be -- it is going to be the united states, china, but so far quite phenomenal. it has been going on since 2008. >> you can join in on the conversation about malware, @annaedwardsnews.
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>> what about cocktails? >> of course they would eat fruit. >> coming up, the man at the top of world football is feeling the heat from one of a's biggest sponsors. we are back with details. ♪
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>> time for top items. mario draghi's comments in frankfurt. i want you to look at the ecb president's relationship with europe. , 2012,on july the 26th that drug he made his speech. he said the ecb will do what it the euro.reserve that little red circle, the euro 121 .50 eight. investors started to buy european government bonds. yields on those peripheral bonds fell. euro pretty much through the next two years at higher.
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the next key level i have looked at was the green line there. that is key event number two after july, 2012. that was june 5, 2014. that was the day the ecb cut the interest rate. the rate was taken into negative territory. linked toloans lending were announced. the ecb said it would start working on an asset purchase plan. around see the euro was 130 six. it started coming down from its highs. the next key event, the yellow monthswas just a few ago. the ecb cutting its rate. it said it will start buying assets. that was the key. the euro was around 132.
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a big move downwards. this was the fourth big event in the last two years. what happened friday? the euro fell the most against said, wer after draghi will do what we must to raise inflation expectations as fast as possible. a clients biggest against the dollar in seven weeks. it's close to a two-year low. 123.7 five. we started the process at 121 or thereabouts. we have been all the way up to almost 140. that was in the summertime. we have come around to the point at which drug he began his outspoken rhetoric two years ago. is the next day that is going to be put on this chart thursday, september 4? that's when the ecb meets again. the big question investors want answered, is he moving to the
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buying of sovereign debt? --ggies relationship since with the euro -- draghi's .elationship with the euro >> very interesting. coca-cola has criticized world football's governing body fever over allegations. hans nichols joins us now from germany, where some officials are hinting at a potential boycott. emirates won't rid knew its relationship. are others going to follow? others who have stood behind fif a, are they going to jump off? >> coca-cola made a lot of noise over the weekend. concern over what is happening with fifa. perhaps more crucially, the football hadgerman
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some scalding comments over the has handledow fifa it. issaid credibility of fifa in freefall. core donated action is needed with support of many countries. ist is a -- coordination needed with support of many countries. that is a hint they are thinking of boycotting in russia and and in 2018. this is a german judge that initially did the investigation. he did the investigation, and then he summarized it. he said, here are some of the findings. it doesn't require us to reopen the bidding process. problem is the prosecutor said, that isn't the case. you have these willing banjos
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fifa. fee for -- within you have the names sponsoring it. we have adidas, hyundai. here is what you get when you look at sponsorship deals. about $100 million per four-year cycle. fifa takes in 300 $50 million. those comments have to be troubling because if they start losing support from sponsors, among the national league's are concerned as well. they could be in real hot water and the games in qatar could be in doubt. >> why is it fifa is not going to publish the full report? why do we not just know what is in the full report?
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>> it is not naïve at all. this is the comment, to make the report public. what fifa is doing is they are hiding behind a legal argument that there are things in the report they are not allowed legally to expose. what the investigator has done is referred some of his findings to a swift prosecutor. in some ways you can see this playing out. will this report be made public, and will the sponsors put pressure on fifa to make it public? we will be waiting to hear from some of the others later in the week. >> thank you very much international correspondent joining us from berlin. >> you are looking at the live shot from the city of london. equities are set to open in roughly 12 minutes time. a look at what is
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driving today's session.
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>> a new car from toyota could blueprint drivers will use for years to come. it is their first hydrogen vehicle, but the
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innovation is not without risks in an unproven market. >> could this be the car of the future? technology -- its fuel-cell technology is so cutting edge, the car giant believes in terms of innovation it could overtake the prius. the heart ofell is this vehicle. the cell is the key. including its reliability, we reducing sizet in and maximizing power. >> already there is a problem. our us will have to find -- new buyers will have to find fuel. considering there are limited stations worldwide, it could render the car a nonstarter for now. >> the most challenging thing about the rollout is infrastructure. problem.hicken and egg people want to buy the car only if there is infrastructure.
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there will be the infrastructure unless people are buying cars. 56 pointg just under $5,000 cash, it introduces reach 60 inr to just nine seconds. with 400 miles between cells, the release was timed to reflect global expectation that hydrogen power will catch on. goal with next year's release was originally decided in 2011 when automakers and the government announced their plan to have the infrastructure ready. we timed it with similar move and in europe and america. >> with toyota expecting hydrogen to be cheaper than alternative could go the distance. >> $5 billion is the amount
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admitted for accounting errors. elliott has more. a scandal in saudi arabia? >> certainly in a kingdom where we don't see that many scandals coming to light, that generates a huge amount of interest at the time when saudi arabia is market to opening its foreign investors. we had the biggest ipo of the year taking place. as far as mobily is concerned an auditor is looking to investigate exactly what happened. a were saying the mistakes made seem to relate to a promotional -- they were saying the mistakes made seems to relate to a promotional program and also the fiber optics network as well. that resulted in $5 billion
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lopped off from the company. .t lost a third of its value profits are down 7.0%. they are not paying a dividend in the third quarter either. but thanks a lot. 7:55 here in london. is next.ove" a special treat today. >> i will be hosting. it looks as if european equity markets are set to move higher at the top of trading. we got a chance to work into trading on friday. have beense rate cuts boosting things in asia. >> and it is carrying on. >> we will see if that carries on. aboutl continue to talk these macroeconomic scenes, the divergence of monetary policy.
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to karanlso talk bilimoria about the relationship etween the u.k. and the e.u. plenty to come.
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>> a warm welcome to "on the move." we are moments away from the start of european equity trading. let's get straight to the morning brief. shares surge across asia. feel china'ss they unexpected rate cut. what does it mean for long-term growth in china? we had to beijing to find out. looking intova is what could be the biggest deal in years.
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fifa under fire. the organization feels the heat from sponsors as a defense of corruption allegations. emirates has walked away. now coca-cola has aired its displeasure. , we look atllion the football frenzy that could cost millions. futures have been pointing to a higher open. the market is just opening up. it's looking as if we were expecting a stronger euro. at,nd we are looking whether europe, china, japan, stimulus is very much on the agenda. we are looking -- we are waiting for the market to open. this is what happened on friday. keep in mind -- keep an eye out for what was happening. friday it was about central-bank


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